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Wu Long Tea, An Enjoyment That Improves Your Health


Wu Long Tea is also known as Oolong tea, Wu-long tea, or Wulong. I'll use them randomly in this article.

The whole world is buzzing about this anti aging, health-improving Chinese tea. But what is it anyway?


In the world of tea, to oxidize the tea leaves is part of the procedure that affect the taste of tea, which in turn, makes different kinds of tea.

Green tea and black tea are at the extreme ends of oxidization: almost not at all or totally oxidized. It is something in between, semi-oxidized. It has the clearness and fragrance of green tea, as well as the refreshing and strong merit of black tea.

Wulong Tea and Philosophy

It’s not an accident, then, that in China, where people value Confucian’s philosophical idea “don’t go extreme, go in between”, Wu Long tea has obtained a symbolic glare in the eyes of the sophisticated: “To savor a tea is to savor life.” Some even claim that “To appreciate a tea is like appreciating a person.”

Do you agree?

Wu Long TeaBeing part of China's long history, tea culture has been an ingredient of Chinese heritage. If you get to know how to make and appreciate different kinds of tea, you’ll have more than one PHD degree.

Tea is not just every day living, though; it's also poetic and philosophical.

Normally, tea leaves are used three times before being discarded. It has been related to stages of life, or life experiences beautifully. The meaning goes like this: the first cup of tea gives out a certain degree of bitterness; after it has gone, a lingering sweetness emerges, flavorful yet subtle. The third cup follows with its refreshing clearness and light fragrance.

Benefits of Wu Long Tea:

Both science and anti aging concerns have developed globally, and so has the reputation and usage of Wu-long Tea. Much scientific research data has pointed out that Wu-long tea, like green tea, provides specific anti aging nutrition.

People who are on a green tea diet have enjoyed all the green tea vitamins in Wu-Long tea. Some even consider it green tea, only stronger; they call it "Oolong green tea." Its health benefits are very similar to those of green tea.

Here is a short list about what's good in this Chinese herb:

  • Its anti aging polyphenols help keep cells young
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Good for arteries
  • Adds years to your life
  • Improves immune system
  • Helps control weight
  • Helps metabolism
  • Good for skin and complexion
  • Refreshing, helps you have a good day without side effects


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