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Better treatment for breast cancer is always in the minds of researchers. They are always on the look for more ways to prevent and fight this killer in women.

I paid attention to this area because breast cancer has changed many lives around me. A few of my friends have encountered it head on. Two survived, one is still recovering from chemo, one survived and then the cancer returned unexpectedly, and one who was in China lost her life at her thirties. Her blog lives on and is still visited by many daily. We see sadness, struggle and bravery... There are many ways to help fight this cancer; green tea is one if them.

A 1985-2008 control study showed that women who drink green tea regularly have a lower risk of breast cancer. This positive association between tea consumption and a decreased risk of breast cancer gives a promising light for future cancer prevention and treatment development.

Not just that, green tea is also found helpful in prostate cancer treatment. Men who consume larger quantity of green tea or its extracts can decrease risk of prostate cancer.

How Can Green Tea Reduce Breast Cancer Risk?

Cancer actually is a certain group of cells that overgrows and becomes invasive to other normal cells, thus damaging the body.

One of the reasons that cancer develops is that telomeres, the protective end caps on our DNA strands that prevent chromosomes from fusing with one another or rearranging, lost their power. Telomeres can stay strong with the aid of strong antioxidants.

Science and researchers have found that the polyphenols in green tea are very potent antioxidants with anti-tumor function, and when we have enough of them in our body, they can keep cancer cells from gaining a foothold by suppressing the growth of both cancer cells and the new blood vessels that tumors need to thrive.

That’s why people who drink green tea regularly are at much less risk of certain types of cancers. Breast cancer is among them.


Other Benefits of Green Tea:




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