Smart For Life Cookie Diet


Smart For Life is a brand of diet cookies, aiming for hunger control to lose weight.

There is an uniqueness in this weight loss diet. It's built on the premise that 1/4 of overweight people have hormonal conditions or metabolic problems that prevent them from losing weight. That why it uses vitamin injections, even hCG, to correct your metabolic conditions while offering "no hunger" foods as your weight loss diet.

It claims that it's a lose-weight-fast diet. You can lose 12-15 pounds in one month as long as you stick to their program, which includes a comprehensive physical examination upon your registration, a physician to work with you on one-on-one sessions, and injections at the designated Smart for Life Centers each week. You also need to go to the center to have your weight loss monitored regularly.

It offers educational and motivation programs to address the underline emotional and mental issues behind overeating and cravings. While this is good, it also requires you to receive an injection of hCG, a growth hormone that is very controversial and is not accepted or approved of by the medical community.

Once your weight loss goal is reached, you can go on into maintenance stage, which is Phase 2 of the program. Constant contact with the trained health professionals is required until you feel confident enough to control your weight.

The Pros and Cons of Smart For Life Cookie Diet

According to an online review, the following are the pros and cons of this diet. If you are looking for some healthy diets to choose from, you might want to read it and read more reviews to help you make your decision.


  • Has medical supervision
  • Food products are organic and all-natural
  • Pays attention to the causes of overeating
  • Teaches healthy eating habits
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and metabolism


  • No scientific proof for its premise that 1/4 of the overweight people have hormonal conditions or metabolic problems
  • Uses hCG injections, a very controversial and potentially dangerous practice, as a way to stimulate weight loss
  • Eating this diet is not a magic way to lose weight
  • Its food line may be more of a marketing hype than the real deal

Other Ways for Weight Loss

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