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Slimming Tea

Slimming tea is a very enticing name in the ears of those who want to lose some weight. Does it really work as well as it sounds?

It's also kind of confusing when you hear the mention of it. Does it mean the traditional Chinese wu long slimming tea ( I'll call it Wu Long ST)? Or does it mean another kind of tea with slimming function, like green tea?

It can mean any of them. Tea just has this kind of "born-with" slimming power that every member of the tea family seems to have the birthright to claim it.

When I was in China long ago, the Wu Long ST had been on market. It was a pretty popular weight loss product at that time, and it has been recognized as one of the most popular slimming teas in the western world in the past years.

Don't confuse Wu Long Tea and its slimming form Wu Long ST, though Wu Long tea and its close relative, green tea, also have the slimming benefit.

Wu Long ST is a weight loss product that contains large amount of constituents of Wu Long tea. Drink Wu Long tea if you want to improve your health in general; drink Wu Long ST if you want to focus on losing weight.


How Does the Weight Loss Tea Slim You?

Teas that are specifically produced for weight loss normally contain a considerable percentage of green tea/Wu Long tea ingredients, plus some constituents that aim at burning fat and curbing appetites. The way it works is similar as the way green tea or Wu Long tea works, only more intense. It can be summarized as following:

  • Speeds up fat burning process
  • Increase body metabolism
  • Reduces fat absorption
  • Reduces excessive amount of insulin that makes our body store fat.

Words of Caution

Since slimming teas work on your body's systems, quality is important. Being an informed consumer when you choose weight loss products insures that what you get is truly beneficial for your body.

I personally like to have green tea daily when possible. This is the best way to have the natural goodness of the herb without side effects. It gives me the simple joy of connecting with nature through a cup of refreshment. But it might not be the best way for everyone.

Many people use Mega-T Green Tea pills to manage their weight. Some others use green tea extract pills such as Mega Green Tea to have the benefits of green tea easily. Don't confuse the two: one is a weight loss product, one is a green tea extract.

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