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There are various ways to reduce blood pressure.

High blood pressure remedies and cures have been sought by health care professionals all around the world, both medication and alternative ways. It's very important to lower blood pressure. When it is too high and goes untreated, it can cause vital organs to fail, like the heart, kidneys, eyes, etc.

Tickling Your Funny Bone Often; Keeping in Touch with Your Humorous Side

This hasn't been emphasized enough. Do you know that the quickest and easiest way to lower blood pressure is to watch something funny?

In a small study, participants were asked to watch a 20-minute humorous video clip and also watched 20 minutes of a serious war movie. Then, their blood pressures were measured respectively. The results showed that after watching funny videos, the participants' blood pressure and their cholesterol levels became lower by about 10 points than before watching the video. But watching the serious war movie had no effect.

This research finding shows that humor and laughter could help lower blood pressure in just 20 minutes. Even you have signs of high blood pressure now, if you keep in touch with your humorous side and tickle your funny bone often, you can keep your blood pressure happy too.

Don't Smoke Tobacco Products

This has been talked too often to be seriously nocticed. But it's true. The reason is that the nicotine in them causes blood vessels to constrict and makes the heart work harder, which raises your blood pressure temporarily.

Smoke often raises blood pressure, so if you want to lower your blood pressure, quitting is a good idea.

Lose the Extra Pounds if You're Overweight

Obesity makes the heart work harder and causes high blood pressure. Losing weight usually helps lower your blood pressure.

There are many ways that help you lose weight. Drinking green tea is one of them. Green tea weight loss is pretty popular. Here is why and how.

There are various kinds of Green tea extract and green tea pills on the market. They've been integrated into many people's health diet. The products, like Mega-T green tea and Mega green tea are regarded good by many who have used them.

You can take a look to see if they are the right products for you. To read the reviews will be helpful in your decision.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise has double effects; it controls weight and lowers blood pressure. Find the exercise program that suits both your schedule and health situation.

It's important to have the right exercise program. It'll make it easier to exercise regularly. Many give up exercising because they can't do it persistently, and one of the reasons is that the program is not right for them.

Eat a Healthy Food

"You are what you eat" is true for the most part. Healthy food not only gives you the nutrients your body really needs, they also contribute to weight control which is, in a way, health too. Here are some healthy recipes.

Even better, some food and their extracts have properties that reduce blood pressure, such as green tea. It's one of the ways to lower blood pressure naturally.

Limit Sodium, Alcohol and Caffeine Intake

Sodium, alcohol and caffeine can increase blood pressure in SOME people.

If you can't drink coffee because of the caffeine, you may want to check out green tea and ask the advice of your health care professionals, since green tea caffeine is somehow different from the caffeine of coffee.

Find Ways to Relax

Nowadays, few people feel carefree and stress may affect blood pressure. It's important to find ways to relax. To find out if you are stressed out, here is a simple stress test.

Blood Pressure Medication

You need to take blood pressure medication if your blood pressure is seriously high. See blood pressure rates here.

When your blood pressure can only be controlled with medication, you'll need to take it for the rest of your life. Don't stop taking the medication without consulting your doctor. You may put yourself at risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

The lifestyle changes mentioned above certainly can help according to research. Even though they don't reduce blood pressure totally in some cases, they may help reduce the amount of the medication you take.


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