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With smaller stomach and quicker metabolism, kids needs more snacks than we adults do. But we adults can also be snack lovers, and why not? If you're like me and enjoys having a good snack when reading and being with friends, home made favorites are great.

Here I provide some quick snack recipes I like personaly. They are popular in China, well, maybe I should say in some areas of China due to the various styles of "gourmet snacking".

For snacks, I have two simple standards: it has to be nutrious and easy to prepare. (For the latter, I sometimes go with the easiest route: buying from stores. The problem is that I save time but miss the fun making them. But we need to save time and enjoy other people's expertise, right?)

Now, here are my quick snack recipes. Some of which are "quick" because once you finish making them, you can enjoy them for days at the minute you have the desire.

Roasted Honey Chestnuts

Roasted Honey Chestnuts It's one of my all time favorites. I definitely reccommend trying this out of you don't hate chestnuts.

This sweet chestnut Recipe makes peeling and cooking chestnuts easy. You may also find the benefits of chestnuts and chestnut flour as you enjoy the pictures on the page.


Chinese Rice Cake Recipe

Chinese Rice Cake RecipeThis Chinese rice cake recipe is one of the best among rice cake recipes and Chinese sticky rice recipes you can find.

It comes from my friend Meryl. Her rice cake is a must-have whenever there is a gathering that she'll attend. People go crazy for it!


More quick snack recipes will added soon...

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