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Pu-erh Tea, a Good Wedding Present


Have you ever thought about giving pu-erh tea as a wedding present?

What a curious a question it is, isn't it?

Well, after you know more about this unique tea, it might not seem that odd anymore.


Before you read on, let me ask you another question: do you enjoy food that contains lots of fat? Like butter-rich cookies and fried food?

If your answer is yes and you are concerned about health, make puerh tea your friend then. It is a recommended drink with a reputation for being a digestible detergent that goes with greasy, fatty foods. You can check out more tea tips here.

What's Pu-erh Tea?

It's fermented tea and is also called puer tea, pu'er tea or puerh tea.

What's unique about this Chinese tea is that it goes through the process of fermenting besides certain levels of oxidization that other kinds of teas have.

It can be classified as green tea or black tea depending on when you consume it. It's green tea before it's been fermented, black tea after.

When we say BLACK tea, it's more in a sense of the Chinese term that truly means black, which refers to the fermented tea and its color of the oxidized leaves; it differs from the western meaning of black tea, which is called red tea or crimson tea in China and countries that have been influenced by the Chinese language.

Why Puer Tea Can Be a Good Wedding Present

Pu-erh Tea & Love
A newly-wed couple hold their wedding present: a pair of Puerh tea cakes, which symbolize that the couple's love will be more and more flavorful over time, like the Puerh tea that they are holding. (Photo credit: Pu-erh China)

Post-fermented puerh tea is usually preserved in the form of tea cakes or tea bricks. If you are a tea connoisseur, you'll love Puerh tea, especially if it's old. Like wine, age matters to Puerh tea. Time is on its side.

That's why some people, especially those who live in the puerh tea plantation areas, give puerh tea cakes as wedding presents to bless the newly wedded couple to have a love that will not fade over time, but will be more and more flavorful.

Be aware, though, that aged tea with high quality is not easy to find. As with wine, only the skillfully made and properly stored ones will improve and increase in value over time. The natural secondary oxidation and fermentation will let the puerh tea increase its taste.


How to Determing the Quality of Puer Tea

The quality of an aged Puerh tea cake is determined by three aspects:

  • The tea has to be made from high quality ingredients
  • It has to be skillfully processed
  • It has been properly stored over the years

Aged and fermented tea is great, but raw puerh tea (uncooked puerh tea or shengcha) can also be very good.

I still remember my favorite summer drink in my friend's home. It was a cup of cool, loose leaf, unfermented Puerh tea that was prepared by her father. I didn't know how he did it, but it was so good that whenever I went to visit them I asked for the tea .

Puer Tea Is Part of Celebrity Diets

Pu-erh tea leaves
Pu-erh Tea Leaves

Like other teas, puerh tea has its health benefits for people. Research has found that a puerh tea diet helps treat obesity and blood pressure in rats.

It is no surprise that pu-erh tea has been widely used as a weight loss tea. People who are in image-sensitive industries use puerh tea to control their weight.

Jessica Simpson is an example. In the news, it's not just the Jessica Simpson hair or the Jessica Simpson shoe line being talked about; her puerh tea diet is too.

Besides being consumed directly, puerh tea is also the main ingredient in many weight loss tea mixtures that are commercially prepared.

A Wish for Your Life

You've read so far and deserve a Chinese puerh tea wish: may your love life, like the puerh tea, get better and better over time, no matter if it's in loose leaf tea form or in the form of tea cakes.

(If you would try to throw a puerh tea brick to your friend with your wish, please let me know the result. :))

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