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Mother's Day is all about celebration. There are several dining options to spend delicious times with Mom, brunches, buffets or dinners. You may want to make a special meal for this special day of the year so we've compiled a list of our own recipes to fit the occasion.

Recipes & Meal Ideas to Delight Mom

Mother's Day can be very busy, but recipes here offer easy preparation, and a wow factor moms would appreciate.

A few tips before we get to the recipes:

  • Prepare a special drink, such as beautiful Chinese flowering tea or blooming tea.

  • Plan and shop a few days in advance.

  • Add some extra meaningful gift items to give your mom a delightful surprise, such as a giant fortune cookie.

  • For fresh food items, make your shopping trip on Saturday afternoon; for baked goods, early Sunday morning.

  • This is not an occasion you want to find yourself running out of something you need so have extra food items prepared.

  • If there is some work that you can get done in advance, then get it done ahead. You can save time to be with your mom.

  • Make the Mother's Day meal special by adding dishes you normally don't make.

Delicious Brunch Recipes

Mother’s Day brunch is a classic meal. Choose from these recipes to make delicious brunch to honor Mom.


Nutrious and Tasty Dinner Recipes

Mother’s Day dinners can be simple, tasty and special.

Easy Recipes Kids Can Participate

For Mom, there's always something very special about a dish of any kind that's prepard by her own kids! Here are some Chinese dessert recipes that kids can participate and have fun!

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