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Let's clear two common misassumptions first about the Mega-T Green Tea before we get into its functions.

First, it's not a tea. It just sounds like one, like Jasmine green tea. It's a dietary supplement pill that claims to help people lose 20 pounds like a breeze. Some who know its weight loss power regard it as a slimming tea and I don't blame them. I thought that "Mega-T" was an indicator to point to a kind or brand name for a tea, like Wu Long tea when I heard about it.

Second, it's not the same thing as the Mega Green Tea, though it's regarded as the same by a number of people. Mega Green Tea is a green tea extrcat pill with the percentage as high as 98%, and the Mega-T green tea has less green tea extract than it but with some more ingredients that aim for weight loss safely.

Now let's come to the weight loss buzz. It has been said that the Mega-T Green Tea has a magical power to help you lose pounds. It's so efficient that "Mega-T" can actually mean mega weight loss.

Is it true? Have we finally arrived at a miraculous way to lose the unwanted pounds on our body?

Let's take a look of the ingredients in it.

The Main Ingredients of the Mega-T Green Tea

First, it contains a big percentage of green tea extract. What's good about green tea? There is a list of green tea benefits. You can check it out here.

Second, it has chromium. Chromium is helpful in reducing fats by increasing your metabolic rates. Higher metabolic rates matters in terms of fat burning. It can make the fat melt faster.

Third, there is a herb called Garcinia Cambogia in it. Garcinia Cambogia helps curb your craving for food. In other words, you don't have that much pain trying to restrain yourself. Your brain lets you know that you've had enough. This way, you reduce the amount of food you consume, therefore having less extra calories to store and to lose.

Fourth, it contains Guarana, an ingredient known as an energy-booster. Remember how you have to have the energy to do the fat-burning business? Guarana can help. But it doesn't do it alone; it has its comrade Siberian Ginseng.

Fifth, Siberian Ginseng. Siberian Ginseng belongs to the big ginseng family which has been believed and used to improve health by Chinese for thousands of years. It improves your stamina and immune system.

Sixth, Mega-T Green Tea contains ingredients that have diuretic properties, such as Baldderwack, Fo Ti, and Gotu Kola.

Diuretic function is a long-known benefit in green tea. In medicine, diuretics are used to treat heart failure, certain kidney diseases, liver cirrhosis and hypertension. They also can help increase the excretion of overdosed medicines or poison. But we don't go that far; the small amount of diuretics is good for normal daily living.

Well, Mega-T Green Tea sounds pretty good so far, doesn't it?

There's something more.

As a dietary supplement, Mega-T Green Tea is convenient to take and it's also more bank account-friendly compared to many other more expensive or intense ways. According to a survey, nearly half the dieters who used Mega-T Green Tea Dietary Supplement found that it's easy to integrate it into their diet plan.

I personally believe that there are two important facts that need to be put in prominent places in any weight loss plan. One is that the plan should provide the necessary nutrients for your metabolism to function normally; the other is to help lower your daily calorie intake.

Experienced people in the weight loss area found that exercise is essential and necessary for keeping the lost weight from coming back. To have a plan that's designed to give you a full body workout is always great.

But it's always not easy to stick to either. We all know that the full body work out plan promotes strength and flexibility while it's burning calories. The problem is that it's difficult.

So, can we eat or take pills to lose the pounds?

The Mega-T Green Tea seems to have provided an answer. But..

The common side effects of diet pills can make you feel anxious or depressed, have the jitters, affect your sleeping habits, etc. Does the Mega-T Green Tea also have them?

Does the Mega-T Green Tea Have Side Effects?

Yes. It has some, according to online reviews by its consumers; 5% of the reviewers reported their heart rates increased after taking it, or had difficult falling asleep. 58 % recommended it as a good product. By the way, it's the diet pill that has the highest-rated on Viewpoints and is most-reviewed

The following are some summaries of the reviews by consumers.

The Pros:

  • Works fabulously
  • Energizing
  • No side effects
  • Easy to remember(because it is taken before meals)
  • Low key (looks just like normal vitamins, won't make people notice you when you take it in public places)
  • Low cost, affordable. Most other diet pills are around $60 to $80. It's cheap in comparison, less than $10 per 14-day supply.
The Cons:

Teas That Make You Slimmer and Healthier

Green Tea, Wu Long Tea, Pu-erh Tea, Flowering Tea

  • Doesn't work
  • Makes heart jitter
  • Makes sleep difficult
  • Not evaluated by the FDA


If you have a mind to reduce weight and increase health, do some more research and read more reviews to find the right weight loss products for you. Slimmer and healthier should go hand in hand.


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