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Why Loose Leaf Tea?


Loose Leaf Tea

No matter how a tea is classified, green, wu long, black or white, they all fall into loose leaf tea or bagged tea the two categories. Even Pu-erh tea cakes (compacted tea, or tea bricks) are not exceptions.

What's your idea of drinking tea? Steeping tea loose leaf or a tea bag from a supermarket?

Loose leaf teas are whole tea leaves, and bagged teas NORMALLY are tea fannings that have been proccessed from tea leaves into very tiny particles.

What's the Difference Besides the Leaf Sizes?

And you might say size doesn't matter.

Actually, it does if you want a tea to keep all its health properties and flavor. When tea leaves are processed into tiny particles, certain chemicals and essential oils get lost, which results in less flavored tea. And when you drink tea more, your taste buds get more tuned and will notice that the papar bag affects the tea's flavor.

Because of this, some quality manufacturers have made loose leaf tea bags and change the paper bag to silk.

If the tea bag is your choice, pay attention to the bag material and the space inside the bag, since whole leaf tea needs enough space for the leaves to unfurl. When they unfurl properly, water and tea leaves can mingle nicely, thus bringing out the best of the tea leaves.

Loose leaf tea
Loose leaf green tea

Loose leaf tea is the most commonly used tea form in China, where tea originated and is most consumed. The well known Chinese teas, such as Green tea, Wu long tea ( Wulong tea, or Oolong tea), Pu-erh tea and flower teas are hardly in tea bag form in Chinese families.

(Flower tea is different from flowering tea. To find out details, click here. )

And if you do meditaion, loose leaf tea is ideal for it. It can give you the elements that suit your concentration and focus.

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