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These healthy chicken recipes are popular among Chinese chicken recipes. I love them all. If chicken is not your favorite, you can find other healthy eating recipes here. Even better, if you are more ambitious and want to know how to create health meal recipes of your own, use these basic nutrition information and let your creativity shine.

Chicken meat is considered white meat, healthier than red meat like beef, pork and others due to its low level of myoglobin.

These Chinese chicken recipes will let you have both a wonderful dish and good protein at the same time. They are certainly on my healthy menus.

Some diet programs ask you to stick to a health meal when you use their products, such as the Cookie Diet. And these chicken recicpes surely will help you have a good and healthy meal.

More Popular Chicken Recipes:

You might want to consider using some teas or tea products for your healthy menu. Their health benefits have been recognized by science research and enjoyed by billions.

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