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Green tea extract is a kind of pill that is made of green tea. When talking about it, some people refer to the normal green tea as liquid green tea to distinsssguish the both.

Green tea pills are also called "green tea vitamins" by many because they look just like normal vitamins; you can take them as if you are taking vitamins too. Pop a pill into your mouth and swallow it with some water, then you get the green tea health benefits.

What's So Great About the Extract of Green Tea?

The extract of green tea has all the functions of green tea. You can say that it's green tea in a capsule. Its major instituents are: catechins, EGCG and other types of polyphenols that are known to be beneficial to our health.

These derivatives are all highly effective. They contribute to heart health, help maintain a regular blood pressure, fight the free radicals that age us, reduce the risk of cancers, protect and improve our skin condition and help us lose unwanted weight.

You can click here to see how green tea works the wonder in us to understand how its extract works. Many health products have been developed based on the goodness of green tea. One of the well known green tea extracts is Mega Green Tea.

Because of its supereme antioxidizing function, the extract of green tea has been tried as innovative food additive and preservent. A successful example is its use in Moon cake – a Chinese delicacy consumed mainly during the Mid-Autumn festival. The extract not only increases the shelf life of the moon cakes, it also improves their flavors.

It's hopeful that one of the future anti-microbial contamination solutions lies in the extract of green tea. It's not surprising if there are other ways to use its amazing health properties.

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