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Green tea benefits have been enjoyed by billions for hundreds and thousands of years. Now the science is catching up.

Health is the result of many aspects, genes, environments, nutrition, activities, etc.; all are taken into count and every one of them can contribute to our health condition. Green tea is one of these positive and healthy forces.

I'mof those who drink green tea regularly, and have had the health benefits of green tea for years: I have good blood pressure, healthy skin, healthy weight, no illnesses besides the occasional cold, a younger appearance than my actual age...

I guess I'm lucky because I grew up in a country that love to have tea daily.

The Chinese green tea I drank was loose leaf tea which gave me a sense of peace when I blew the leaves gently away a little bit to drink the tea water. I would smell the tea's freshening scent and take a deep breath to let it into my lungs. Watching how the tea leaves moved would let me focus on the moment.

When I came to understand green tea meditation one year ago, I realized that that had been exactly what I'd been doing.

I've enjoyed another benefit of green tea by accident: stress relief.

Green Tea Benefits

I'll stop babbling now and give you the list. The known benefits of green tea are many, and they can be categorized as following. Click links to see details:

But, what about green tea caffeine? Does its caffeine do something to you? Is it safe to drink green tea if you can't tolerate caffeine? Click the link to find out.

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