Good Blood Pressure and Dangerous Ones


Good blood pressure is one of the indications of health.

What's Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the blood force that pushes outwards on the arterial walls.

There are two numbers to measure the force: one is for the force when the heart is contracting and the other is when the heart is at rest. They are respectively called the systolic number (top number) and diastolic number (bottom number).

What you see on your doctor's sheet is like this: 120/80.

Good Blood Pressure

The two numbers vary with people. With the same person, they are different in different times of the day. Normally it should be taken when you are at rest, not right after running, playing sports, etc.

The normal systolic number should be less than 120 and the diastolic less than 80, which shows that your blood flows normally without causing extra force towards your arterial walls that might cause problems if it is persistent.

Respect Blood Pressure Rates

If systolic/diastolic numbers are higher than 120/80, it's hypertension blood pressure. Time to be careful about this silent killer.

If systolic/diastolic numbers are higher than 180/110, it's hypertensive crisis. Seriously time to go to see the doctor as soon as possible.

If diastolic number is higher than 140, it's malignant hypertension, which puts you at the edge of brain hemorrhage or stroke. Go get emergency care right now.

How to Reduce High Blood Pressure


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