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Flowering tea, blooming teaFlowering Tea: Rising Sun

There are various ways to enjoy tea; with the introduction of flowering tea, tea is no longer just the focus of our taste buds and nose. We can also enjoy this healthy pastime with our eyes.

Yes, our eyes. The flowers simply blossom in the hot water right in front of you, revealing their vibrant color in gorgeous designs. Tantalizing, aromatic, and romantic, you can feel your stress and anxiety trickling away when the beauty of the tea catches your attention and heart.

It's no surprise, then, that it's also known as blooming tea; tea that blooms and make your heart "bloom", too. It's exquisitely hand-made of green tea leaves and edible flowers.

Since it's made of green tea leaves and flowers, the blooming beautiful tea has the merits of both, which makes it a perfect gift and a treat to yourself (here are the benefits of anti-aging green tea).

To appreciate its beauty, we need a glass teapot that functions as good as a traditional teapot and also provides a "stage" for the blooming tea to present itself.

Flowering Tea Vs. Flower Tea

Flowering TeaBefore blooming tea developed in China, its beautiful and older cousin flower tea had been very popular and still is.

Wait, do you mean flowering tea and flower tea are different?

Yes. They are different. If you want to know more about flower tea, click to see details.



How Is the Blooming Tea Made?

Flowering Tea ProductIt is made when green tea leaves with similar length are wrappedaround flowers to form a ball with the flowers inside, while the tea leaves coat the outside, then they're wrapped to keep the shape and are dried and preserved with a special procedure.

That's why they are called craft tea in China. They are works of art made with various elegant designs.

When these balls are placed in hot water, the flowers begin to bloom right away, and you feel like you are watching a movie in slow motion with special effects. Amazing!

There are many kinds of blooming tea in the market. Jasmines, roses, lilies, globe amaranths, osmanthuses, chrysanthemums, and hibiscus are commonly used in craft tea.


The Benefits of Flowering Tea:

Blooming Flowering TeaYou can have a spa both for your body and your soul at the same time. The peaceful, beautiful and aromatic presence of the blooming tea takes you away from the noises both outside of you and inside.

When tranquility sinks in, the daily stress and worries subside. It's an alternative way to meditate, to have some quiet time for yourself, or quality time for you and the one you love. Flowering tea allows you to connect and to disconnect.

On the physical side, all the benefits of green tea are getting into your system.


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