Fish Bones Make Amazing Art


It seems that anything can be good material in the hands of a creative artist. Fish bones are not an exception.

Fish Bone Art 3

Lovers under a full moon

Fish Bone Art 1

The moon's reflection in a pond

Fish Bone Art 2

Waterlily pond

The artist spent four years exploring, experimenting and maturing his unique art.

He tried to gather fish parts and bones from friends and restaurants first, but the bones were often deformed and became useless in his art.

He turned heavily to his family. Though fish is a great dish, they were tired of eating it because he bought too many for them and asked them to take great care not to destroy bones or parts that he would like to gather. It became a headache and they tried to send the fish away for friends to eat.

He spent 30,000 Yuan (about $4000) in eating fish alone before he had any other sponsors. He washed his treasures clean in special ways, categorized them, put them in different containers and labeled them.

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