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Detoxification Diet


The detoxification diet is a healing diet which uses food as "medicine" to cleanse the body for a few days to reach a health goal. It's not as the same as a longevity diet or other diets.

Before we go to the sample diets at the end of the page, let's take a look of some basic facts.

Why Do We Need Detoxification?

There are four big reasons.

First, food.

People say "You are what you eat." It has a good base.

We intake food and drinks that are carrying chemicals, pesticides, unwanted hormones, antibiotics, overloaded sugars, etc., which are small amount of poisons or pollutants. They can up the risk of cancer.

We also eat over-refined foods that make our body acidic. An acidic body is vulnerable to illness.

Second, Environmental Reasons

The qualities of the air we breathe affects us. Other aspects also take a toll on our heath like smoke, household chemicals for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing (such as carpet cleaning), oven cleaning, stain removals, etc.

What can be worse is that you have mercury filings, or live within 10 miles of a nuclear power plant. To live within 5 miles of a toxic waste dump or near a farm where aerial pesticides are used is not good at all. And do you dry clean your business or valuable materials? Those are chemicals that our body doesn't like.

Third, Non-Material Pollutants

They can be contained in one single word: stress.

Stress comes from various sources: emotions, family, school, job, health, daily small hassles, etc. It can seriously affect our mental and physical health when persistent.

It may create over-acidity on the body and lead to some health problems. And it often prompts a person to seek comfort or quick boost from foods that aren't healthy, which are the building blocks for health problems, like being obesity or diabetes. It's a well known fact that too many people have fallen under the weight of stress.

Actually, right before I wrote this article, I surfed the China news and read that one of the reasons behind the phenomena of officials committing suicide is stress. Many have depression which they can't admit and get necessary medical treatment because the shame, stigma and embarrassment it carries.

Fourth, Free-radicals

Too many free radicals in our body is one of the reasons we age, such as losing memories, looking older than our actual years, etc. Click here to see details and what can help us deal with these free radicals.

Detoxification Steps

If we want to be healthy, cleaning our body is necessary. One of the ways or steps to cleanse is to have a detoxification diet.

There are two basic steps to detoxify:

  1. Remove yourself from the source of the toxics, such as staying away from the unhealthy environment, giving up the food/drink that causes you to be sick, or reducing its amount at least. If alcohol is the cause, consider checking into alcohol detox centers of your choosing if you want to finally get rid of your drinking habit.
  2. Remove the toxics that have already get into your body, and take the foods and drinks that help detoxify.
  3. Use natural therapies and remedies to treat some problems if possible, such as acupuncture, massaging, and chiropractic. Avoid using drugs if your situation allows it. (Medication is necessary for many health problems. Ask your doctors about your unique case.)

What Should a Detoxification Diet Consist of?

A good detoxification diet should be tailored to your specific needs and health situation. They have something in common though. The following are the list.

Foods that Should Be Avoided When Detoxifying

  • Chlorinated Water
  • Food with antibiotics, hormones and pesticides
  • Aspartame
  • MSG - Mono Sodium Glutamate
  • Margarine and other hydrogenated fats
  • Food additives
  • Refined sugar, sweeteners
  • Junk / empty / processed foods
  • Oily foods
  • Soft drinks
  • Alcohol

Sample Detoxification Diets

Veggie and Whole Grain Diet

This is a diet that lasts a few days. In this diet, only good water, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables (raw or cooked), and whole grains (cooked or sprouted) are used.

No baked goods, meat or dairy products. No alcohol either.

Fruits and Raw Vegetables Diet

In this diet, you eat fresh fruits and raw veggies only. The green vegetables, especially the leafy greens, are preferred. It's good for the gastrointestinal tract and the whole body.

Raw Foods Diet

This diet uses foods that are high in energy and nutrition: sprouted greens, grains and beans; sprouted or soaked raw nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables.

No cooked food.

Juice Fasting

In this diet, you only take good water, and fresh fruit or vegetable juice.


Longevity Diet



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