Dead Sea Salt


The Dead Sea salt is not the sea salt that is regarded as gourmet salt. It is not popularly used in kitchen but in health industries due to the report that it has some benefits which table salt and other types of salt don't have.

It is normally produced or extracted from the Dead Sea. Its mineral composition differs from sea salt, and varies with season, location depth, temperature and rainfall. It's also obtained from the mud of the Dead Sea, which is very mineral-rich.

Health Benefits

It is reported effective in following five areas:

  1. Treating some rheumatologic conditions: such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis. The way to relieve the ailment is to soak the ill part of your body in its solution. The minerals will be absorbed and stimulates your blood circulation.

  2. Treating some common skin ailments: regularly soaking in its solution can relieve acne and psoriasis. It is said that its high concentration of magnesium plays an instrumental role in this therapeutical effect.

  3. Detoxifying: Its high concentration of magnesium again plays a role in this benefit, plus the bromide it contains; they allow it to cleanse and detoxify the body.

  4. Treating certain allergies: Due to its detoxification effect, it in turn relieves allergic reactions.

  5. Slowing down skin aging: It is said that it can reduce 40% of the depth of wrinkling.

Common Usages

The salt is used as a important ingredient in many other bath products, like salt soaps, salt scrubs, body wraps, foot scrubs, bath bombs and various cosmetic products, including makeup.


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