Dandelion Recipe: One of the Summer Veggie Recipes That Make You Cool

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Dandelion Recipe

This recipe was born from the ashes of my trials and errors. But is hasbeen worthwhile because it is now one of the dishes best loved by my family.

I would give it the name Dandelions and Eggs. Its beginning was an accident. Early spring this year (2011), the rain season in my area was unusually long and the dandelions were prosperous in my garden.

Because the health conscience grows with age, organic veggies are my choice whenever possible. So the Costco's Spring Mix was our regular. I found it funny when I saw dandelion leaves in the mix that I spent lots of money for when the lush tender leaves were also in my own garden.

That's the beginning of thinking about eating the "weeds". I cooked the dandelions the way I cook other veggies and nobody made a second try besides the creative cook.

Then my daughter got a bad blister in her mouth that wouldn't heal, even after avoiding blister-inducing foods and drinking water. So I went out to the garden again and harvested the tender green dandelion leaves and mixed it with eggs. You know what, it became an instant hit. And the virtues of dandelion (as well as the chrysanthemum beverage) healed the blister in my daughter's mouth.

So give it a try if you would. The dandelion recipe is incredibly simple because it came out of a whim of a busy person who loves simple cooking.


  • Dandelion leaves: washed and chopped into small pieces, about five cups.
  • Eggs: 4
  • Salt: to taste. (I never really measure it for this recipe so far.)
  • Veggie oil or olive oil: 2 tablespoons or less.


  1. 1. Mix the chopped dandelions with salt and eggs.

    Don't forget put in salt like I did sometimes. But if you do, it's not too late to sprinkle salt on it on any stage of your cooking, including the final stage. I once forgot put in salt. The result was not very bad. So I sprinkled salt on the dishes and my family just went on eating them.

  2. Heat the oil over medium heat, and when the oil is hot, pour the dandelion mix in. When one side is firm, flip it to cook the other side. Don't worry about breaking the mix when flipping it. You'll break it into small pieces anyway to eat.

  3. When the eggs in the mix is done, the dish is ready to be taken out.

    My family like the eggs to be a little brown, so I usually cook a little longer until the desired result is achieved.

  4. Enjoy the Dandelions and Eggs with rice or noodles.

    (My daughters will eat it without either. Well, dandelion and eggs are nutritious, better than cookies. Why not then? Besides, we have a better motivation to weed the garden now. )

Hope you like this dandelion recipe and please let me know if you do, or share your own recipe below. Thanks.

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Home Chinese Veggie Recipes Dandelion Recipe

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