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There are many Chinese wedding cakes that are both delicious and beautiful. Most of the cakes are a mix of traditional Chinese cake and Western style and usually have a red double joy character on it.

Here I'm going to share with you a traditional Chinese Wedding cake. It's made in Taiwan and is called Lucky Cake by many.

Actually, I've only had it a few times since I came to the U.S., where wedding cakes are normally Western style. I'm lucky to have a couple of lucky cakes because of my Taiwan friends who had the cake freshly made and air-mailed to the USA so that we could enjoy it.

Chinese wedding cake

There is nothing about the cake indicating that it is a wedding cake if not for the double joy character on the wrap. If you are only familiar with the Western style wedding cake, you might not relate it to a wedding.

Once you open the wrap, you will find yourself looking at a Chinese "cheese cake". It really looks like one. The cake shown in the pictures is called Snowwhite Cake, because its major ingredients are almond powder, dried milk, condensed milk, eggs, plant oil and sugar, etc. and it is said that during the process, the almond powder makes it as white as snow. Lucky cake

The picture at right shows that the cake is pretty enticing but nothing as white as snow. It's creamy and delicate in your month with the aroma of almond on the crest.

If you are on a diet, well, forget about the diet if there are no immediate threats to your health; just enjoy the cake. I had more than my share because I treasured the opportunity to have it without myself travelling thousands of miles to Taiwan. This cake has no preservatives and it's not a bad idea to finish it as soon as possible, so I achieved my purpose.

If you have a chance to go to Taiwan, I recommend this cake. You don't have to go to a wedding to taste it. You can have it in a decent Chinese bakery.

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