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On this page are some selections of well known Chinese New Year dishes.



While the traditional Chinese food recipes are presented here, the new developed dishes, such as Yuanbao Banana Egg, will be added gradually to give you an ongoing taste of Chinese food culture. Hope you enjoy these recipes.

If you want to have an general idea what's the guide line and purposes of Chinese New Year food, or want to know more about Chinese New Year celebration and tradtions, just click the links.

The Well Known Dishes For Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year Recipes


chinese dumplingsChinese Dumplings
Chinese dumpling is also called Jiao-zi. An auspicious dish common in Northern China but still enjoyed in other areas.

spring roll recipes Spring Roll
A dish with fresh vegetables and meat of your choice to greeting the coming of spring.

Chinese egg rollChinese Egg roll
It's a deep fried spring roll that symbolizes wealth because its golden color and the resemblance of a gold bar, a currency used in China until the 20th century.

Chinese rice cake recipe Chinese Sticky Rice Cake (Nian Gao)
This Chinese rice cake is one of the Chinese New Year traditional desserts with a little change. Easy and delicious. You can enjoy it anytime.

tea eggsTea Eggs
The delicious and auspicious Chinese tea eggs are enjoyed year round, especially during the Chinese New Year.

More will be posted here soon.




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