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Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes

Chicken and Broccoli Recipe
Chicken Ball Recipe
Lemon Chicken
Roast Chicken Recipe
Chicken Wing Recipe

Garlic Chicken Recipe
Foil Chicken Recipe
Curry chicken
Bourbon Chicken Recipe

Chicken Fried Rice Recipe
Mandarin Chicken Recipe
Orange Chicken recipe
Chicken With Nuts/Seeds

Cashew Chicken Recipe
Almond Chicken Recipe
Sesame Chicken Recipe

Chicken Salads, Soup, Spicy Chickens

Mandarin Chicken Salad
Chicken Salad Recipe
Kung Pao Chicken
Zechuan Chicken

Chicken Soup Recipe

Other Poultry / Meat Recipes

Turkey & Duck Recipes

Butternut Squash Soup Recipe
Turkey Fried Rice
Turkey Soup Recipe
Mandarin Duck Recipe

Beef Recipes

Pepper Steak Recipe
Mongolian Beef Recipe
Moo Shu Beef
Pork Recipes

Chinese BBQ Pork Recipe
Moo Shu Pork
Pork Bone Daylilies
Char Siu Pork
Chinese Ribs Recipe (Chinese 5 Spice Recipes)


Chinese Desserts/Appetizers

Chinese Cakes

Moon Cake Recipe
Mandarin Pancakes
Chinese Wedding Cake
Mandarin Orange Cake Recipe
Chinese Rice Cake Recipes

Chinese Cookies

Chinese Almond Cookie Recipe
Fortune cookie recipe
Moo Shu Beef
Other Chinese Dessert Recipes

Chinese Dumpling Recipe
Chinese Eggroll Recipe
Chinese Doughnut Recipe
Tea Eggs
Roasted Honey Chestnuts


Veggie Recipes

Chinese Eggplant Recipe
Green Pepper Day Lily Recipe
Mushroom Daylilies
Moo Shu Veggie Dish (replace pork with tofu or veggie of your choice)

Chinese Cabbage Recipe
Chop Suey Recipe (It can be a dish either veggies only or with meat; your choice!)
Napa Cabbage Recipe
Dandelion Recipe


Other Recipes

Rice/Grain Recipes

Easy Fried Rice Recipe
Chicken fried rice recipe
Chinese Rice Cake Recipes
Quinoa Recipes

Chinese Holiday Recipes

Chinese New Year Food
Chinese New Year Recipes
Mother's Day Meal
Chinese Sauce Recipes

Chinese Sweet Sour Sauce Recipe
Dumpling Sauce
Chinese brown sauce recipe
Sichuan Sauce

Chinese Soup Recipes

Chicken Soup Recipe
Butternut Squash Soup Recipe
Recipes for Cabbage Soup
Cabbage Diet Soup Recipe
Diet Cabbage Soup Recipe with Tofu

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Napa Cabbage Recipes
Chinese Cabbage Recipes
Sauce Recipes
Stir Fry Recipes
Dessert Recipes
Veggie Recipes




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