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Chinese Desserts: Treats for Your Life!


With these Chinese desserts, life is better.



Some are easy dessert recipes, and some healthy dessert recipes. Even if you are at the culinary chef level, some of these recipes will give you opportunities to show your refined skills when others can still enjoy themselves in their own fashions.




The following links will be added soon:

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  • - Chinese sticky rice recipes
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Other Chinese Food Recipes

We have lots of Chinese food recipes on this site. The following are some of the categories.

Sauce Recipes
- Sauce Recipes

- Soup Recipes
Chicken Recipes
- Chicken Recipes

- Pork/Beef Recipes


Chinese Drinks

Chinese drinks include alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic ones. Here we first listed some of the teas. The rest will be added soon. Stay tuned.

Wu Long Tea
Wu Long Tea:
Wu Long Tea is also known as Oolong tea, Wu-long tea, or Wulong. Its anti aging and health-improving properties...
Green Tea
Green Tea:
What make a tea Green Tea? What is its origin and health benefits? What are Green Tea Pills and Green Tea Extract?
Blooming Tea
Blooming Tea:
Blooming tea is an exceptional type of tea that's artistically designed and handmade. It literally blooms as you steep it...


Flower Tea
Flower Tea:
Flower tea is a tea that is not just made of leaves, but also flowers. It goes great with Chinese desserts...
Pu-erh Tea
Pu-erh Tea:
It's fermented tea and is also called puer tea, pu'er tea or puerh tea. What's unique about this Chinese tea is that it goes ...
slimming tea
Other Tea Tips:
Includes how to choose loose leaf tea, slimming tea, bagged tea , white tea, black tea and tea pots, etc...

Food and Health


When we have dessert, we want some good drink along with it, right? My friend Karen offers various ideas in her site: http://www.afternoon-teas-please.com

If you are interested in other desserts that aren't Chinese, check out here.


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