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Char Siu Pork is a must-have in any Chinese restarant here in the United States. It can be a standard to measure how this Chinese restaurant is.

Char siu has many variations. Here is the probably the simplest recipe you can have if you have the two important ingredients: Char siu powder and Char siu sauce.

The two items are not easily found in Western supermarkets. So I put their Amazon links below at the end of this Char Siu Pork recipe if you want to shop online. These are just samples of the products. You may have more choices on Amazon.

They serve different purposes. Char Siu powder is mainly for color; Char Siu sauce for the taste. Because of the distinctive red color of the Char siu powder, the Chinese Char siu pork recipe is also called Chinese Red Roast Pork recipe by some people.

Many restaurants make the sauce themselves due to the large amount they use. As a family, the convenient way is buying the ready-to-use sauce.

If you are interested in making the sauce yourself, here is one Char Siu Sauce recipe.

Now for the Char Siu Pork:


  • Pork -- two pounds. cut into strips. 1-1.5 inches thick would be good.
  • Char siu powder. You may use the powder many times before it runs out.
  • Char siu sauce -- 1 tablespoon
  • Cold water -- 1 tablespoon
  • A large Ziplock bag


Mix the cold water and Char Siu sauce well in a bowl or on a plate.

Evenly sprinkle a layer of the Char Siu powder on both sides of the pork. Then roll the pork strips into the sauce so that both sides are covered with the sauce.Char Siu Pork

Put the pork strips into the large Ziplock bag as shown in the picture at right.

If you have some sauce left, pour it into the bag also.

Put the Ziplock bag into refrigerator for 5-6 hours or overnight. Turn the bag upside down in a few hours to make sure both sides of the pork are soaked with the sauce.

Heat the oven to 325 degrees Farhenheit or 163 degrees Celsius. Put the pork on a baking pan if you do it at home. If you want better result, put the pork on a rack that comes with a roasting pan and fill the pan with water just below the rack. This is to ensure the tenderness of the pork. You may put the pork on the grill rack if you barbecue outside.

Make one more portion of the mixture of Char Siu sauce and cold water. The proportion is 1:1. It is helpful when you prepare large quantities of meat.

Brush the sauce on the pork strips every 10 minutes. Depending on the function of your oven or grill, the time needed usually is 30-40 minutes.


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