Blooming Tea: A Fabulous Way to Relieve Stress and Gain Green Tea Vitamins

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Blooming Tea

Blooming tea is an exceptional type of tea that's artistically designed and handmade. It literally blooms as you steep it.

It's also called flowering tea, made with beautiful and edible flowers and green tea or Wulong tea. Both teas have well known health benefits that are supported by scientific research.

Why Blooming Tea?

I like it because it's a fabulous way to relieve stress naturally while gaining vitamins from the tea at the same time. It brings you such pleasant feelings that you'll smile without knowing. Or at least feel better while you watch it bloom into a gorgeous floral bouquet.

It's a great way to treat yourself and a perfect gift for anybody who enjoys a pretty scene. It's also something nice to converse about at a date, aniversary or a party.

If you look for a Mother's Day gift and birthday present, it's a good candidate.

Edible Flowers That Are Normally Used in Flowering Tea

  • Jasmines Blooming Tea 2
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Carnations
  • Easter lilies
  • Rose species
  • Roselles
  • Globeamaranth flowers
  • Sweet osmanthus
  • Chinese globeflowers
  • Pot marigolds

Tips for Steeping Flowering Tea:

  • A transparent and spacious teapot / glass for infusing water
  • Warm the tea and teapot first by infusing hot water for 10 seconds; pour out the water
  • Infuse hot water again to full volume, and enjoying the blooming process

There are different ways to enjoy the benefits of green tea: some take green tea pills without steeping the tea; some take time to watch how the buds and tea leaves gently unfurl in water, relishing the flowering tea. It depends on your taste and schedule.

For other quality tea products:

For other quality tea products, take a look at ThePuritea. They provide a sample of each tea purchased with every order. If you don't like it, simply return your order. Too bad that they seem to offer no blooming tea at the present time.


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