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Chinese Rice Cake Recipe, Szechuan Chicken

Welcome! My name is Sophia. This is where Chinese food recipes and health-related information are posted. They are the collection of my years of cooking and caring.

We can't agree more with what Voltaire said: "Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity." Hope you find this site an enrichment to your life.


Chinese Food Recipes

Chicken RecipesWe have lots of Chinese food recipes on this site. The following are some of the categories.

You may also find Chicken Recipes, Pork/Beef Recipes, Easy Dinner Recipes and Stir Fry Recipes.



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Chinese Teas and Drinks

Chinese teaChinese drinks include non-alcoholic drinks, such as Chinese Raspberry Iced Tea, and alcoholic ones. Non-alcoholic drinks like the Chinese teas are listed here first. The rest will be added soon.

Wu Long Tea is also known as Oolong tea, Wu-long tea, or Wulong. Read more about its anti aging and health-improving properties here.

Green Tea, its origin and health benefits. Some people also like to use Green Tea Pills and Green Tea Extract.

Blooming tea is an exceptional type of tea that's artistically designed and handmade. It literally blooms as you steep it...

Flower tea is a tea that is not just made of leaves, but also flowers. The principle that lies behind it is that Chinese ...

Pu-erh Tea is fermented tea and is also called puer tea, pu'er tea or puerh tea. Read more about this unique Chinese tea by click here.

And here are some popular tea products and tips, including how to choose loose leaf tea, slimming tea, bagged tea , white tea, black tea and tea pots, etc...


Fun and Interesting Stuff

Fun and Interesting

I believe we should have fun in life. Food is such a big part of our life, many interesting things are food-related. Here are a few. If you have something fun to share, please take a moment to share with me here. Thank you.


"What we play is life.”(Louis Armstrong). Cooking is one of the ways to play. I hope that Chinese food and drink can be one of your ways to celebrate life.

The best Chinese food you can have of course is in China. If you need to know cultural and visa-related information about China other than food, here is the China Visa site.

I hope you enjoy Chinese drinks and food and much as I do. Happy browsing!

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